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Crop Circles - 7" Stampa
Scritto da Pierkna   
Domenica 07 Agosto 2011 20:04
01 - Ambiguity
Few people are enough, to change yourself, now spit in the plate where
you’ve always eaten and then bath in ambiguity. Embrace the enemy rather than hate
it. Deny your friends, deny yourself.

02 - When Shit Bobs Up
An endless run to get on
the podium, from common asshole to a better one.
Any time and everywhere, throwing
shit to bumb up your position.
Licking asses to be someone, licking asses and be no one.
Living and acting just for
yourself when shit bobs up we’ve nothing more to share.

03 - Brand New Job
The same old story, keep repeating everytime. Start all over again,
start again from the beginning. Always with the same role, eternal “last arrived”.
Brand new job, same old shit.

04 - Walls
Living in resignation, within the walls of this
town. Hypocrisy runs in the streets, fake happiness satisfy people.
This is what you feed on. This is the shit in wich you’re floating.
Walls that control all your actions.
The emptyness of this town has blanked your personality.
Walls that repress all your passions, giving life to boredom and killing yourself.

05 - Screaming In The Face Of My Boss
I’m sick of your eyes, always watchin and judging me, sick of hearing your voice,
telling me to work faster, sick of my collegues, bunch of brainless assholes. Everyday
eating shit, from eight to five, sick of hearing the alarm, tomorrow i’m gonna sleep all
day long. And now I’m screaming in the face of my boss, how much this place sucks
and how much I hate this job. I’m out of money, got fired, but happier than before, cause
i will not see your dickface anymore.

06 - Fight Now
Fight for your justice. Fight for
your respect, it’s your life! Defend your principles.
Defend your fucking pride. Don’t
let anyone else make your choiches.

07 - Tammazzo Team
We got no money, we got no
jobs, we skate for fun and to fighting boredom.
Born in this place that give us nothing,
grew up together and still havin’ fun. Double T, it’s my team.
Double T, Tamazzo team.