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My Own Voice - A Perpetual State Of Revolution Stampa
Scritto da Pierkna   
Giovedì 13 Ottobre 2011 21:28
01 - Optimism Dies
Smiling plastic face! Despite whatever happens.
How comes you can’t take from my heart the feeling that you keep denying your own indignation? And just pretend that it’s ok to let go.
You’d like to cry but still you laugh (no wonder that you’ve had enough) The feeling that there’s something wrong, it’s hard to fake a life!
No wonder that you’ve had enough (you’ve had enough) Your eyes wide shut the simple rule to win this fucking game that you play.
And you repeat by heart that everything is going to be alright, well I’ll be waiting for the day your optimism dies.
And you dare calling me nihilist man? Well watch out for the things that you say, Cause you’ll give up and still my flame will burn.
As you deceive yourself to survive the day (what should I say?)
Well I don’t want it, well I don’t need it, I won’t sit back and hope
the world will change
(What shoud I say?) Well I don’t want it, well I don’t need it, Your fairy tale has no grip on me I prefer reality.
Does it make you feel sorry? Use your fucking eyes. No salvation no Prince Charming it’s our turn to fight.
The time is gonna come when your optimism dies, and I’ll be there that day. Again our flame will burn.

02 - Anthem
Push the fucking limit, we will take no more shit, here comes this hymn straight from my heart.
We have our own weapons we are gonna fight your games.
This useless screams can set us free.
Kill our freedom
Think we’ll leave man you’re optimistic
Paint us as mentals
Man you’re wasting your fucking time
You won’t push us
You can’t tell us the way we should live
We always will be free
Unity and liberty that’s what this means to me, for us not just another word.
But you will never accept that we refuse your values, you want obedient slaves.
Screaming loud, day by day, one step closer to the promised land.
We won’t just leave the place, we’ll fight our war every single day.
Your world is just illusion. We won’t live in disillusion! We’re always going to be alive.
We won’t bend to the pressure. So fuck your damn repression.
Your world is just a lie so you can fuck off and die. Fuck off and die!

03 - Misconception Of Culture
Let me teach you a lesson, ‘cause it seems you are lost in a deception.
Enslaved by the myth of success You kill your heart just to get so far
Step back!
I’ll be waiting for the day of a fracture when you’ll find out that life is not a race,
but still you choose the selfish ways burning bridges just to gain some more
The misconception of a culture. Neurotic need to reach the top (step back!)
That makes you act like you’re a vulture. You hate yourself you hate the world
And to please the machine now you feast on the carcass of your dreams. What you love is what you sacrificed,
but I will stand around and fight for you.
As you praise on the world of denial. Well I will rip my heart and fight for you
The fall of lies will burn your eyes
In time but I can’t take it.
Fast running blind slave of the world
You hate yourself and all you love.

04 - The Enemy
Ok so this one goes out to all the misfits, outcasts living in exile out there,
being discriminated, persecuted, frustrated, kicked around for their race, their ideas
their gender, their sexual orientation, the color of their fucking skin,
I say it’s time to take pride from non conforming, stop being an outcast, start being a fucking enemy!
“Get away! There is no chance for you to fit in this place!
So bend your head in shame and wait here for the moment
you’ll face your final day” Is this our destiny? Is it good for you? It’s not for me!
Cause I’m the enemy Ain’t it what I’m supposed to be? I’m the enemy and soon we’ll see who’ll face his final day.
The enemy is at the gates Come take a peep you’ll see my face
When truth from lies no one can tell You call this progress? well I call this living hell
To escape your exile You swallow miracle pills or buy some dreams of acceptance
Go take the blame, so called normality and sanity need you to be
Forever the scapegoat! But there’s another option, open your ears
The order must be kept So burn the witch (here comes the one to blame)
Kill the fag. Stab the different. So here’s my chest:
I’m the enemy, so put the blame on me.
I’m the enemy, so blame your motherfucking enemy.

05 - Discared Youth
We’re the ones who live fast, no care for our lives, Fuck up our heads with no reason or rhyme
And we die in our 20s for a heart attack. We’re the ones who would sell their mothers for parties,
We’re all ignorant and we believe in nothing. Remember the same old fucking tune that you’ve been repeated again and again and again?
(Discarded youth!) We’re the fucking discarded youth
(Discarded, discharged!) But not fucking retarded
And it’s time for our comeback
We’re the ones who had all we haven’t asked for And feel it’s a guilt if we claim for our own.
We’re the ones who unlearnt to listen to their heart (Listen to your heart)
Seems control is so much more efficient Not with a rifle but with a Playstation.
Cause when your jail looks like a game You just wanna play it again and again and again
And so we got to accept our exile, and forget our potential. And so we let them let us down.
The joke’s on us we’re the incarnation of the growing frustration, We play by someone else’s rules.
The feeling of being powerless. No future, no future, we’re the fucking discarded youth

06 - The New Aristocracy
Ignorance is your strength cause the masses still think they live democracy,
While the whole population’s kept down and out, we’re down we’re out!
How do you call when the same 15 people rule the country for 20 years or more?
Well to me it looks like repetition of written history. So death to the new aristocracy!
Closed circle of disguised oligarchs that keep us down. But still we’re here!
As long as there’s injustice then there will be the seeds for revolution deeds
So death to the new aristocracy, dictators in a black suite
Death to the new aristocracy, legally elected tyrants
Death to the new aristocracy, subversion sabotage now
Planted the new revolution seed, say goodbye, it’s time to die!
Breaking ignorance everyday we will light one more fire Till you feel that you sweat in the night.
You’re not so scared of me? Well you’d better be, you’d better be!
Cause today I’m but one of a million But the more people start to wake up
You gonna kiss your chair goodbye as you drawn in your greed
So death to the new aristocracy!
Time for some step forwardv Time to revolt!

07 - Fuck Your Respect
I never quite got the way you’re thinking, this fucking “be a man” thing.
How comes you seriously demand respect when you act like a jerk?
Ready to play the puppy eyes when your girlfriends are near you,
But then you state you have a dick so you’re superior.
And it’s said if you get respect you’re the alpha male (You’re so stale!)
And you don’t give any to that girl, as you call her whore!
So don’t think I can’t see you smile as you backstab your sisters (lovers),
So fuck your respect. Don’t think the hate you spread is not a fierce affair! And we won’t stand it now
And where I see an encounter between 2 humans for love or fun, you feel a master.
You see submission and the more you get the more you feel man,
But if she acts as free as you then she’s a goddamn slut.
And you think she don’t have the same damn rights you have
(Rights all have!) From that domestic violence is just one step away.
Bringing me down You and the culture you have been fed to, that push the pride of being born a man
(So fuck you respect)
I hate the fact that you believe it’s true, as though without her you stand no chance
(You’d better fuck your respect)
You think it’s normal if you slap her face, cause you were taught she won’t slap you back
(So fuck your respect)
Till one fine day she’s gonna kick your nuts, the only way that you gotta fuck

08 - Disintegrate The State
Disintegrate the state!
Time to lift our asses from our chairs and teach a lesson to those who treat us like we’re fools.
Disintegrate the state! World of lies hatred religion time to take a stand, arm yourself with consciousness
Disintegrate the state! Born and raised to be a slave. Disintegrate your fate!
The plan is to fucking destroy them, and no one’s gonna mess with us no longer
Can’t you see you’re just being pushed around we must erase them, till no one’s gonna mess with us.
Everything collapses if you just stop playing the game, it all goes down to “use your brain”
I still believe that we can make a change, we can destroy their world from the whole foundations.
That’s my illusion, but still it seems so right, when you live in one big world all to deny
Cause we can make a change. We can replace the world from the whole foundations.
(Soon it will be over, soon it will be gone)I’m so fucking sick of moderation,
it’s no more time to talk so let’s disintegrate the state. Running out of time can’t take it slowly,
it’s fucking time to fight so let’s disintegrate the state.
Rolling choking still we’ll be on our feet fighting for our lives till we’ll disintegrate the state.
Spitting in your face our big denial you’re time is fucking up cause we’ll

09 - The Dignity
Think about your life, think of all the times you were forced to apologize,
Shut down your anger and swallow everything you despise. Produce-consume-die nod to the uniforms.
Conformity, the philosophy that daily kills your soul. No longer!
The dignity falls apart here comes the one last call, the chance to pull it together. We’ll never compromise.
We’ll never surrender we’re gonna struggle forever.
In the nation’s silence everyone stands still and stares, Not barely aware of their own life and own potential.
Too scared to lose comfort, make no illusions: Just make your move or one fine day you’ll wake up in fucking cage
They want us to be harmless, to blind our fucking eyes. The only chance to survive is to never compromise!
The chances of tomorrow, the dreams of yesterday, It all builds up in nothing if we don’t take stands today.
We’ll have our time! One day we’ll rise! Resist control or be a slave.
While still we sing the sorrow, and still we lose our rights,
And still the only chance is never fucking compromise.
Resist control or be a slave! And never surrender.

10 - Stop Slavery
Take away this ball and chain! Lately I’ve been feeling some problems in walking.
Seems like our freedom is taken off slowly. Narcotized, convinced of our weakness,
follow the leaders and beg them for answers. We get in line and walk at their command
Same old story but a brand new state of art. Cause today the things are seldom what they seem.
Modern cages made of words and mind control (release us now)Take away this ball and chain and set me free. Stop slavery
Stop it now! Think we’re free but we’re not man, cause the truth has been taken away.
As we no longer see the real problems.
You don’t get to the end of the month but what you fear most is the nuclear jihad!
As you would kill your mom for an iPhone
Release us now! Standing dazed as we’re taught the lesson, with titillation so we can’t complain.
Well still to me it’s not ok. Release us now! The media boogeyman the leader’s puppet,
“Dad’ll take care don’t be afraid”. You children play, it’s not ok .Release us now!
And though I didn’t live the 68, it doesn’t mean that I just have to sit back.
My time is now, not yesterday. Release us now! We have to brake the chains,
take back our dreams and our own fears. The struggle’s up, it starts today. Let’s stop slavery!

11 - Peana
Al grido di guerra hai guidato l’assalto del mondo pensando che mai la tua storia sarebbe stata come tutte le altre,
Perché il mondo era tuo e tu solo eri pieno di amici sinceri e di forza e di orgoglio e di eroi,
Ma poi tutto si infrange nell’onda della realta' Quando arriva la vita!
Non tornera' Quel lampo di chiarezza, quel tempo di innocenza si' non tornera' mai piu'!
E non posso far altro che guardarmi nello specchio E sospirando dirmi che
e' andata cosi' anche stavolta, mi son perso nel mare del dubbio quando ho visto
che anche intorno a me c’era tanta menzogna. Ed e' strano capire che no tu non
sei l’eccezione che nessuno si ferma a aspettarti,
Ma e' meglio cercare la forza che hai in te, e bruciare all’inferno i tuoi eroi
La forza dei sogni che agogni e' dentro di te
Né miti, né santi, né fottuti eroi, e' dentro di te
E tutto cio' che cerchi, e tutto cio' che vuoi, e' inutile guardarti intorno e' dentro di te
Se no sei gia' finito...
La forza dei sogni combatte ogni giorno per restare a galla resistendo agli
assalti costanti (Resiste ancora un giorno!) E rimpiango quel tempo in cui tutto sembrava a portata di mano.
Ma ora so, ora so: Non tornera' mai piu'.
E ancora una volta mi trovo seduto a pensare a che cosa e' potuto succedere,
a dove io abbia perso la strada e come ci sono finito nel dubbio sbadato
distratto distrutto dai colpi del mondo che spingono a farti svegliare dal sogno
E a metterti in riga ma io non ci sto, e ora piango per quello che ho perso
E lo cerco ogni singola ora, quasi in ogni respiro che faccio
Ma non riesco ad abbattere i muri che mi trovo intorno al risveglio
Cos’e', e dove ho sbagliato, questo cazzo di tarlo che ho in testa
Ma adesso e' troppo tardi per cambiare ora so Non tornera' quel momento di chiarezza,
quel principio di innocenza Che ho creduto fosse mio e invece adesso grido forte
Ma tutto cio' che sento di rimando e' l’eco del mio pianto per un tempo che ora so Non tornera'

12 - Count Me Out
Poison! Infecting your poor brain just to feed racial hatred “Immigrants! They’ve come to colonize!”
Give the blame, take the shame, go dehumanize.
Well I’ll stand around to watch you fall, Till you know how it feels to be denied by your own neighbor.
Not immigrants, but human beings, start calling out goddamn human names.
Not immigrants, but human beings, start acting as if they were such.
Poison! Infecting your poor brain, don’t you get it? That actions define men no matter where they’re from
I feel much further from you, ignorant, scared of difference!
To me you have to respond for what you’ve done and not for who you are! So stop trying to create this brand new race.
The fences, the borders they’re actually in your mind, inside your mind
Your world is what I despise, and it’s never gonna be myself
So count me out! I see poison flowing in your eyes as you’re looking for someone to blame
So count me out! You’re a territorial pissing bitch and a shame for the human race So count me out!
No one wants your xenophobic shit, that is all your bad man Fucking count me out

13 - Your Fall
Used to be needless to say, You had your something, we had our something.
But you fell trapped in your schemes and live and let live is no longer an option here.
Cause when it’s no longer you but the system We’ll question every single word!
So mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the one who’s gonna fall? That’s you!
What to me is the evil to fight, Now’s the meaning of life to your fucking eyes.
One more soldier one social climber, be a part of the chosen ones!
And now you feel so right, you think you chose the winning side.
Let’s start a fucking nuclear war! But ask my mirror on the wall,
who’s the one who’s gonna fall? That’s you!