K'e-K'e-M - Wait! We're Late Stampa
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Venerdì 04 Novembre 2011 16:58
01 - No Families
What can i say about what we do?
When we play our music we got nothing to lose
Why must we take part of a scene?
We don't need this bullshit, we're as we want to be
No families, No fuckin'crew, No stupid scene, we don't belong to anything
Don't need no politics, don't need a muse
This song was born in alcohol abuse
Don't need anything just playing for fun
We did it ourselves since we started our run
We don't go vegan, we're not positive We're not on drugs we're as we want to be
No families, no fuckin'crew, no stupid scene, no politics
We don't belong to anything

02 - A Du Cumprendi
Si binti e si lassanta perdiri
Mancai teneus cosa de nai! Creatividai!
Si binti e si castiant'a trottu
E no scinti ita pensai poita megaus'e si spassiai!
No cumprendinti su chi deppeusu trumentai
Po sonai in kustu logu kenz'e bi dinai
No cumprendinti
E no ad'a essiri mai
C'anta a cumprendiri
Ca ci poneusu su coru e ci poneusu sentidu
Teninti meda cosa de nai
Scetti bonus a gherrai du su lassaus cantai
S'anta biri allera d'ognia di
S'anta biri baddendi e no si podinti a biri

03 - De S'Accorru A Presoni
Hey mamma mamma ascurtamia beni,
ada essiri s'urtim'orta ca ti biu murrungiendi
deu immoi pigu e m'indi andu
e in custu logu no ci torru a passai!allright?
Hey babbu babbu bogami su dinai
Chi mi deppiasta immoi ca portu bint'annus
Andu a trumentai a fora de innoi
Una mellus vida gei d'appa a agattai.
Appu sempri pappau e no m'esti mancau nudda
Ma m'intendu accappiau!
In sa vida mia appu biu bar, libbrusu e cipuddas.
Megh'e mi fuiri de innoi!
Hey babbu e mamma deu istu beni
Appu agattau unu bellu trabballu
Seu zeraku a s'holyday inn
Pigu mill'e dusu po trexi orasa a sa dia
A bortasa no accudi' nemmancu a mi croccai
Ma appu connottu meda genti
E seu fueddendi inglesu ca mi serbidi po girai!
Megh'e ndi bessiri de conca!
Funti passaus dexi annus de kandu seu partiu
De su chi appu lassau e su chi appu pediu a sa vida
Olia biri su mundu, olia sa libertadi
Mundu non d'appu biu e libertai prus pagu'e nudda
Appu mollau s'accorru po ci intrai a presoni.
Appu sempri pappau e no m'esti mancau nudda
Ma innoi puru seu accoppia
In kust'annus m'esti mancada sa chi zerriu domu mia
Megh'e ndi torrai a corti!

04 - Waiting
Waiting, i'm waiting for more glasses
More glasses to drink with you!
Waiting, I'm waiting for better moments
But I don't have to wait cause the best moment is now!
It's now! when we're here drinkin' our beers
Sharing the same place and time
Laughing, joking, enjoying our lifes
When we're here, when we're here, we're all fine!
Waiting but there is nothing to wait
Time is still going on
No matter how long is the day
cause we're singing aloud,
Screaming and dancing, maybe it's not enough
But until we'll be drunk
We need anything but a beer and a song to sing!
And when we can't bare it anymore?
Let's get insanity into your brain and wait

05 - K'e-K'e-M Are Late
Now I tell you about us when we're going to play a show!
We're always too late everywhere we go,
Cocco lies on sofa and never stands up
While sergiu is emptying his glass
No one cares about the time
We're always too late, k'e-k'e-m are always late
Kike gets paranoid and his car jams on the street
Leo ain't got no problem but always he has to shit
Finally we get away speeding on the road
But reaching our goal we keep on losing our way

06 - Furious
Once again she finds herself with a lot of things to do
New goals to achieve at work, a new home to live in,
But in her eyes there always seems to be the same routine and
She's furious, she doesn't know why!
There's no reason for this mess! How long it will last?
Half one hour? Maybe less! just the time to wear a dress, go out
Smoke some cigarettes, drink some beers and spend some cash!
But with an empty wallet you go nowhere.
She starts screaming and sweating, her eyes are red
And now her nerves are breaking down.
What the reason for this mess?
You know. To Live choked in a dress
That she had never chosen breaks her down.
Your dress breaks you down
Her dress breaks her down

07 - Riccio Doesn't Smoke
Connosciu una trumba de genti ca ci buffada su mundu
Chini s'inci ammollada e chini abarrat seriu
Si cummenzada a una tassa e si sbudiada s'ampudda
Accabbendi a fragh'e fexi s'indi stuppant atras dexi
Arriendi, si pigada a giogai si pigada a brullai
Ma prus d'ognia atra cosa si pigada a fumai
E a non di lassai, ma du esti genti ca non di pigada!
Ma poita?
Riccio doesn't smoke
O ndi beninti de marte o de una tanca de s'inferru
Cummenti anta fai deu no d'app'a isciri mai
A ci calai unu tant'e cosa e a non si da fumai?
Nosu intusciausu, picchillittausu,
A nosu si pigada a giogai, si pigada a brullai
Ma prusu de ognia atra cosa si pigada a fumai
E a non di lassai ma du esti genti ca non di pigada!
Ma poita?
Riccio doesn't smoke
Even if he drinks a lot riccio doesn't smoke!

08 - Speed Poem
Cheap words guide you fast in a dimension different from the past
They carry no rhytim they carry no sound,
they carry speed the best thing I found
I try to be free in this circus of fashion
Searching a life with no resurrection
Spending my time not up in a star
But here on the earth. you know that you're a
Poet in a speed poem

09 - Warned
I was telling you about my last nights:
Spending my time with a bottle on my right
And A joint on my left I had visions
And nothing was guaranteed.
While Speaking with friends or fighting with jerks
I couldn't know what I needed
This is the same old story and you listen to me,
This is what's happened to me.
Suddenly there it came a fatty, drunky, junky
He said to me you don't need to tell your story
It's printed right on your face
And I woke up bathed in sweat
I was meltin' like an ice cream
May this picture be so neat
When I was warned by my dream?

10 - Punk Rock Restaurant
Fiausu partiusu scetti po sonai
Ma lompiusu ingunis sa mesa fiat giai posta.
No eusu accudiu mancu a scarriai
Ca is tassas fianta prenasa de binu e birra
E po pappai s'anti bogau d'ognia razz'e cosa
Is kares in su stereo e sighendi a buffai eusu brindau a su
Punk rock restaurant
Appusti chi s'anti beni sazzau
Unu caffeu e unu fil'e ferru
Non si podiada rifiutai
Buffendi a su banconi kenz' e ponniri pressi
Po moi sighianta a si prenniri is tassasa,
in foras ci fu friusu e deppianta intrai tottus a si prandiri a su
Punk rock restaurant
Ma cummenti eusu cummentzau
Funti abarrausu unu pagu spantadeddusu
Fiaus sonendi po du su insurdai
Non si frimmaiausu mancu a si frastimmai
A poi anti attaccau a baddai e a zerriai
E si onanta a buffai finz'a kandu seus fuius prexiaus de su
Punk rock restaurant

11 - Fantozzi's Always By My Side
Look at my life. It's goin'on
Everything is falling down upon my neck
I can't really find a job
Living my life with no money
I am just a bad ass jerk parasite
I have no wife no fuckin' girlfriend
Just five fingers of my horny hand
I have no car, no bycicle
Just my feet and my trails on the road.
So I turn my mind to the real unlucky man,
The slavest, the real loser one of all the fictive times.
Fantozzi's always by my side
No matter of god no matter of faith with fantozzi I feel safe
Look at my life with fantozzi's eyes
Everything will be so bright and really nice
My blue moods will fly away
My mediocrity'll come out
I exorcize the heavy load of my routine
And I can laugh at my bad luck
Waiting for the day of my relief
And I know that day won't last
More than the moment of my laugh.
I keep turning my mind to this powerful man,
The slavest, the real loser one of all the fictive times.
If you don't like your job, look at fantozzi's one
If you don't like your family, look at fantozzi's one
If you don't like your social set, look at fantozzi's one
If you don't like your goods, look at fantozzi's one
...and he's always by my side
so i can look at my life
with fantozzi's eyes