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Scritto da Pierkna   
Lunedì 07 Novembre 2011 00:22
Con il termine ira si indica uno stato psicologico alterato, in genere suscitato da un elemento di provocazione, capace di rimuovere alcuni dei freni inibitori che normalmente stemperano le scelte del soggetto coinvolto. l'iracondo è caratterizzato da una profonda avversione verso qualcosa o qualcuno.

Ira adfectum maxime ex omnibus taetrum ac rabidum est. Hic totus concitatus et in impetu est, doloris armorum, sanguinis suppliciorum minime humana furens cupiditate.

Zorn ist ein starkes gefühl, das sich unterschiedlich äußert. sein gegensatz ist die sanftmut.einerseits tritt er als heftiger ärger, wutartiger affekt als jähzorn oder zornesausbruch auf, der zu unkontrollierten handlungen oder worten führen kann. der zorn erscheint dann als beherrscher des menschen, der seinerseits seine gefühlsregungen nicht mehr kontrolliert

La colere est ordinairement consideree comme une vive e de mecontentement contre ce qui nous blesse, que ce soit un acte, une personne, une organisation ou une idee. face a un mal subi, l'homme en colere ne se contente pas de repondre par un mal equivalent, retablissant une sorte d'ordre de droit egalitaire. La colere est une passion qui en tant que telle pousse a la demesure : l homme en colere rend facilement au centuple le mal qu il a subi.

Ira: enfado muy violento, furia o violencia de los elementos, repeticion de actos de enfado o venganza. la sabiduria humana, tal vez mediante psicologos, aconseja no guardar ni reprimir los enfados y soltar la ira, desprenderse de ella mediante liberarla hacia el exterior, sin embargo, en la biblia se aconseja retener la ira para evitar toda clase de discusion o problemas que puede llegar a mayores con un hermano

Anger is an emotional response to a grievance. the grievance may appear to be real or imagined, it may have its roots in a past, present experience or it may be in anticipation of a future event. anger is invariably based on the perception of threat or a perceived threat due to a conflict, injustice, negligence, humiliation and betrayal among others.

01 - Back Again
In my dreams it was all brothers and friends here but it looks more like a realm full of fucking kings. it's so hard to express what i feel, i'm just wondering what you mean for united scene when you keep telling people they are useless. we're back again. back with all our fucking strength. we're back again. words they cannot stop us. we're back again. and it's no more time for games. can't you see it's so wrong saying who's worst who's best, we're all here for the same fucking reason. feeling strong talking behind people's back? listen my friend, just go rule the world somewhere else. no one cares about your fucking machismo. mr ruletheworld, well i'd rather die than to be your slave. the passion, the ideas that one believes i always thought that was what it was all about and i've met so many good friends but so many others that behave like they're all rivals, the masters of hardcore, spitting judgements about any other band. it's this kind of attitude that kills so much potential around so trash it, quit this fucking game, support the others, somebody supported you. my friend you'd better change your way it's no more time to play cause now we're back

02 - Nature's Revenge
When i look at this place it seems to me man is destroying the planet. my god i wish i knew one way to stop this cancer while still some trees are in the woods and fish alive in the sea. mr you will be going down. we'll tear your chimneys to the ground. the situation's out of hand, it's coming nature's revenge. this earth is not for sale, it's property of no man, but you poison the world for your own convenience. and when our planet's gonna be a dead place, who's to blame? you're to blame, man i curse your name. stop this violence! we're raping mother earth intoxicating waters and soils with all our wastes. commodities pollute even our ears, we've gotta be hearing our planet's scream. our time is up. can't keep on watching this fall with this pseudo-indignant demeanour. this is something we must do for our own lives. we'll be the first to fall, we're a cancer into this world. goddamn anthropocentrism, this world has never been ours to kill

03 - State Of Distrust
Politicians corrupted and rotten standing there like some pater familias. how can you blame me if i hate politics who can i vote when i can trust no one. you do your best well i just try. but is it best to live a lie? cause it all keeps convincing me there is no one to trust. think about it you keep being cheated and still say it's important to do your best. left or right doesn't make a difference cause when it's time to lie they become one. all the things i'd like to say well it seems they won't matter anyway. one try but there is no one to trust. where's the right to know what is true, where's the truth man i don't have a clue now. all these lies i can't take anymore politicians sold out like a bunch of whores. here's our country we've gotta face it. contradiction: why can't we change it? another contradiction is this gonna be our fate? this is another question i don't wanna ask

04 - Seed Of Violence And Frustration
What you do makes me so confused cause to me you're so ridiculous. did anyone tell you it's so cool to play the bad guy? and the violence you're letting out in this world poor man, so full of frustration. you can punch me but i will not react cause to your way i'll never bend. and now i scream cause you've gone over contempt, tell me what for all this violence is meant? punching and kicking you feel on the throne. this is your life but you'll live it alone! i hope i'll take it to your head, rotten for all the violence that you keep in your mind. do you think you're the king and you're strong? what i've seen in my experience is that hatred calls hatred and a hand lent is better than closed in a punch. we're the fools for we choose not to avenge on you? man we're so stronger not infected by your hateful flu. and the frustration in your eyes is making grow that seed you gotta wake up man and try to stand for something true. so ashamed wanna cause some pain just to feel strong well all those sorrows will be gone by the end of this song. last advice get a life try to understand a hand lent for help is much better than a clenched fist!

05 - Polveri Sottili
Eccomi qui in questo grigio mare popolato da persone con le facce aguzze. di corsa, mi spingono da parte orgogliosi di essere stati stronzi una volta in piu'. polveri sottili d'odio entrano dentro di me, milano io non ne posso piu'. gente che ti guarda come se ce l'avesse con te, milano io non ne posso piu'. l'ultima chance? andare via da qui. e non riesco a capire se nessuno qui si accorge che questo stile di vita e' una malattia. tensione e falsita' nascosti da sorrisi di denti che sembrano fatti solo per sbranare. milano nella nebbia nasconde com'e', e' gente che si odia senza un perche'. in mezzo a cento persone qui puoi sentirti solo. senza comunicazione, solo apparenza e rancore. tutti tesi corrono in giro senza fermarsi mai perche' il calore umano non mette benza in macchina. c'e' chi mi guarda e ride dice torna alla realta' ma qui niente e' reale e vivo sembra una citta' di morti.

06 - Inside Riot
Be a good sheep, follow your shepherd. why bother using your brain? everybody needs something to believe in but, i can't help it!, doesn't seem to be such a big difference when you claim different things and just act the same. it seems that right and wrong are getting together today. hey! can you believe that things are really going this way? hey! we've gotta start it alla again and start today. i'll set the world on fire. or do you like to live in the world of 1984? as you try to resist them they brainwash you and you even say thank you, fuck you up since you're born, until you will believe just what they want. they'll get you to believe just what they want, then give you what you want to feel ok. it's time to say goodbye to all the things you think you knew. cause one great denial might just take you to a different flock, always following someone but believing you're changing the world. it's supreme illusion, we need revolution. a new kind of battle where the first step's to turn on our mind. we'll fly away to a brave new world where everyone's the same cause there they will think for themselves, no more misled by ideologies of hate but now we must change our mentality, give up the distrust, embrace the unity. justice cannot come from above, leaders can take you just where lies there interest, so riot has to be something that rises from the inside, the need for a revolution rising from below

07 - One For Hardcore
No other place for me to live in when i wake up and see another day, look at the world and where it's heading, no for me there's no other way. we're not gonna make history, just can't stand another sorry day. it's not just rage we're taking out, it's life, it's what we're all about. do you think that we're always gonna be so small? my friend, this time it's not a joke, cause this is neverending. let's make it rise! cause this is neverending. keep going straight and we never brake, playing in squats just to spread the scene, there will always be this difference between me and you because you stand for more, well i stand for hardcore. it ain't no success that we're seeking, i'd be so glad to change a mind or two. childish might be but this is the only way i know to pull my shit together. cause we're going straight and we never brake, we don't care about style just about things we make. yes we're going straight, does it sound so strange? one thing left to say: fuck you! following no rules but our own

08 - Worst Fellas
We brought the stereotype around the world but sometimes it's awfully true we're full of those famous mafia italians. we like to watch it in the movies an laugh about the jokes but no one does a damn about this second government. and if this lasts forever this place can burn today. but it ain't just bosses and killers the plague of this country, lobbies and politicians share the same mentality. i don't know why we stand this situation. i don't know why we don't overthrow their chairs. sulla mafia ridi finche non paghi il pizzo e onesto hai una scelta: morire o scappar via! ma la mafia non esiste secondo i loro amici, maiali nel porcile della legalita. con leggi su misura bei sorrisi e sedie comode, il marcio che ci opprime e tutta una mentalita. in un paese dove il furto e ormai legalizzato presto anche l'omicidio non sara piu un reato! iscrizioni, donazioni e tangenti a volonta, dal picciotto fino al premier c'e una linea dritta: e mafia! la legge ex cirielli e mafia. la compagnia delle opere e solo mafia. l'omicidio di fortugno e mafia. ditemi che l'italia non e solo mafia

09 - Thanks For Killing Us
I see the bosses of earth, they seem to think we're toys and our planet is their playground. big plans but all i understand is we're dying. one ones the oil, one wants the power another screams for allah, they play their games but in the middle there's us! oh we're so glad always to suffer your attacks, i guess we'll never pay you back. we're not so grateful that you let us play your games, now fucking play them between you. i guess we'll never pay you back. mister you should fucking know that war is not as fun as seen in “dr strangelove”. what i have to say seems so obvious: stop violence! have you ever noticed we're the only animals that keep killing each other? so check out biology and shove your holy wars up your ass! you send soldiers to burn cities, put bombs in the metros, turn brothers into enemies and men into beasts, when will this stop? i just don't know. thanks for killing us, i guess we'll never pay you back

10 - United
Standing as one with no difference between us we're gonna make them hear our voice. we're one, and so fuck all your sick politics and the supposed beliefs of religion and race. i'll never believe that shit, i see your soul, join us and we'll fight hand in hand like we're brothers and if we have to fall it will be as one! here to say that we're no longer slaves of their sick lies and their fucking games. here to say that this will be the day our souls will find their way. it's time to fight back our lives, take it back, let's do this! and though we feel so small united we stand united we fall. and though we feel so small united we'll never fall

11 - Air And Anger
If you take your time you're choosing the wrong way. if you just hold on and live another day just make no illusion, cause you cannot hide forever my friend, one day they will be coming for you. so swallow, just not to be hollow and raise up your defence (not waiting for the day you'll see with your own eyes). i swallow, everything will follow and make it live in me. take a stop at night look if you're satisfied or if for one more day you have been stolen life. swallow air and turn it into rage and pride and then just take a stand and fight against their fucking lies. embrace your power, push it through, put your heart in all the things you do. motivation? not enough, now it's time to raise some fist and make it tough. stay united, cause it's the only way that we can win, don't believe in cash and power, the pressure the media is building through your head. smiles of copper, charity on tv and violence in the streets. look at the sky, what have we lost? take back this world we used to belong to

12 - My Brothers
What the hell could i do on my own? i know myself, i need people to live with so here's something i must tell you. to the friends that don't fail till the end, no matter what, always there to support me just two words: thank you! my life couldn't be another, this one goes to all my brothers! no distance between each other (still faithful to one another), till the end we'll stick together. so many times i fell on the ground, it was not my day, but you have always been there to take me back when i'm falling. i can wipe all my tears on my own and cure my scars, but i know since i'm with you every day is my day. and not an obstacle's too hard, and not a goal is just too far, when we're as one it all can be done i know we'll never be torn down. and not an hour is too late, and every challenge on our way we're gonna take it and rise. nothing will tear my brothers down, we're gonna stick together. no matter life takes us around, some bonds just never brake. and if you say that's not answer i will feel no anger running through my veins, i know i'm right. and if you say i ignore the problem i'll object that solving problems with my bros is all i know. and i know that together there's no pain that we can't face, loneliness the only word that we despise, we will make it all along. and i know nothing's stronger than what we hold close inside, now i know i really must escape no fight. thanks my brothers, you're my strength. you're all I have