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Pubblico Oltraggio - Ready To Fight Stampa
Scritto da Pierkna   
Martedì 08 Novembre 2011 22:48
01 - Public Outrage
Drink in the pub, fight in the street
We play Oi!Punk and we're proud of this.
This is our life, this is our luck
You can even hate us, but we don't give a fuck!
We're a public outrage, have fun and destroy!
We're a public outrage, have fun and destroy!
Drinkin' a lager or drinkin' a stout
Drinkin' all night long and singing so loud
And if you're not one of our family
Go runaway you are just an enemy.
Drink in the street, fight in the pub!
Kicked out of school, searching for a job.
This is our life, we gotta fight,
I know you don't like but for me it's all right.
So let's get a whiskey, so let's get a beer
Let's get a fight, we got no fear.
Steal what you want, is for chaos we fight
Is for chaos we live and in chaos that we'll die.

02 - Thinking Good
They've got precise bills, they say to you that you can speak.
While you're thinkin' good!
They convince you that you are live, they say that humans will survive.
While you're thinkin' good!
They kill just for their interest, they start the wars for rich-business.
While you're thinkin' good!
They can change you into a criminal to fill the empty jails
They can change you into a criminal to fill the empty jails.
While you're thinkin' good!

03 - World In Jail
It's the same old story...the world is rotting and
People still learning how to destroy it,
For their money or their car.
I'm compelled to see young boys grow-up
With the words of all the people
Who have killed the earth for their power.
What that we fight are your criminal prospects!
What that we fight is your false civilization!
Jails are full of thieves who have stolen for some bread,
While people who command us are mafious or dandies with big cars.

04 - Nightmare Of The Rich
You was a rich man, you was self-confident,
You was proud of your fortune, now you live in your nightmares!
Welcome to my world, here the sun is a grey cloud!
Welcome to the underworld, here your people are just some clowns!
You believe in your money again but money have denied you.
You was sure of your power, now your power is your shame!
You're from business world, now your clean hands begin get dirty.
You have always watched us too bad,
Now you're paying for your larcenies.
Do you remember when your wife was ugly?
You have built her body with your cash,
Now your money will not help your face!

05 - For Nothing
What did you get killing yourself?
You resigned yourself and you decided to die.
He was sick of his life, sick to fight again,
He wants to kill his story under a fucking train.
What did you get?
Someone's died for fightin', someone for freedom,
You killed yourself but you died for nothing.
What did you get?
Killing yourself you just surrended
And leave people like you too much alone again.
What did you get?

06 - Con Noi Non Hai A Che Fare
Tante borchie sul tuo chiodo, cresta esagerata..
Ma quando inizi a parlare la speranza fai scappare.
Oi! Modaiolo vaffanculo!
Tu confondi il nostro credo con la merda a buon mercato,
Credi di lottare ma la scena vuoi ammazzare.
Troppa gente intorno a noi si comporta come voi,
Droga ed apatia non e' certo anarchia.
Non vogliamo certo imporre, noi regole non vogliamo,
Ma se vuoi solo giocare tu con noi non hai a che fare.

07 - Don't Deny The Street
I saw a lot of people who praised anarchy,
They thought about drinking and fightin' and defend the street,
Now they play only to gain money
And if you ask for punk they answer that it has die
All these fuckin corrupts change the sense of punk,
We ain't like them, we don't deny the punk.
We'll always fight, we'll always drink loud,
We'll never yeld because to punk we're proud.
Don't deny the street!
I saw a lot of people proud of their crests
Who fought and hated the fascism sickness,
Now they are bone and wear nazi shirt,
They forgot the punk so fast as a little bird.
All this hypocrisy change the sense of punk,
Don't deny the street! Don't deny the punk!
Another day another night to know what's fuckin up,
Another day another night to know what really are you.

08 - Criminal Boys
And then? My friends, what do you think of this?
Where's the sound that I want to kiss?
A lot of christian people think that i'm a criminal boy
But i don't want to listen them and I sing with a smile.
Oi! Our voice will never stops
We're the criminal boys!
When we pass there's always noise
Oi! Oi! Our voice!
We will always sing with the same good beer
And i don't wanna listen what i have to do...
My broken heart doesn't want to wait and
I want to scream these fuckin words.

09 - Hate
Fucking fascists, politicians, religious
Out of my ward!
Fucking posers, fucking hippies, pseudo-punx
Out of my ward!
Psychologists, nuns and priests ,fucking hypocrites
Out of my life!
Riches, dandies and capitalists, fucking idols
Out of my life!
Policemen, cops'n'corps, fucking killers
Out of my wards!
Dictators-straightedge* , usurers
Out of my wards!

*per dictators-straightedge intendiamo tutti quelli straightedge che odiano chiunque non la vede come loro, o che addirittura si definiscono fascisti, sta gente non ha capito un cazzo...precisiamo infatti che portiamo massimo rispetto nei confronti degli straightedge VERI.

10 - Street Politics
Only we can see what's goin' on,
We decide for us, we're the justice front.
We don't need your leaders who drive our lives,
based on our selfrules we will survive.
Freedom in our mind, chaos in this town,
All the fucking bastards are lyin' underground.
Power to the people not to the politic,
you govern the palace and we govern the streets.
We've got the power, we've got the rights,
Street politics are out tonight!
We've got the number, we have to fight,
Street politics – will do it tonight!
We live the reality, we live this dirty world,
You live just your office and your overpaid work.
We'll destroy your cities, we will waste your lust
Till you can see the poorness, so you'll live like us.

11 - Against You
The majors buy everything,
All the shit is sold as punk,
You think you can buy our music
But we don't care about your money.
We are against you!
Take your money and clean your ass!
You ain't one of us!
You are drinking in a dirty glass!
We ain't your fuckin' fashion!
Buy your shit but don't touch us!
People cannot look us,
They call us ‘dirty punx'
..but when the t.v. sells us like gold
You get spikey hair and boots.

12 - Ghosts Of The Street
Police in the city, there's a bad air,
Lot of police cars strolls about the street.
They are looking for some kids who have
Commit a robbery to eat some bread.
This song is dedicated to all the ghosts of the underworld
Compelled to steal to can see the light of sun!
Policemen walk like soldiers, it's seems has died someone
..but kids have stolen for bread and cops eat all the days.
Let's run i say! Before that they find you!
Faster than the time, freedom first!
There's no reason to stand still looking
Poor people going in jail in a state of fetter cops.
How many times we look this in our streets?
Full power in the cops hands , in a police state.

13 - Non Vendero' Il Mio Credo
So che la gente pensa "questo e' un pazzo spudorato",
Ma non mi arrendo, no, anzi avete alimentato
La mia voglia di distruggere e di non essere accettato..
Da fuori si combatte perché entri gia' incazzato.
Non voglio le teorie da ribelle moderato,
O da chi e' gia' passato e dice "ma a cos'e' servito?"
..non mi cambierete, non usero' parole,
Non amo la violenza ma e' la sola soluzione.
Non vendero' il mio credo, il mio nome o i miei ideali!
Benpensanti e falsi, siete tutti uguali!
Quando la gente dice "ti vesti da barbone"
Non sanno che mi stanno creando un opinione,
Sempre piu' cattiva, sempre piu' violenta
E se cerchi di capirmi si alimenta, si alimenta!
Non sono come voi, non capiro' mai niente,
Io non ho valori, io sono un delinquente.
Non voglio apparire bene alla pubblica opinione,
non ci vuole tanto a capire che ho ragione!

14 - Fuck The Rockstars
With your fucking smile on your fucking face,
Every time you're on t.v. I hate you more,
I hate your fucking money and I hate your songs..
You think you come from the street, but we deny your world.
Fuck the rockstars! Fuck the rockstars!
That's my fucking street, we don't need you bullshit!
You spare yourself so bad bad sad laugh.
Let you go back your home, I don't like your face
Hidden by a mask of shit.

15 - Spirit Of 1978
In the '77 the reality was different, the poverty caused the rebellion of workers,
The daily violence was a symbol of riot, a symbol of rage brought by intolerance.
In the nineties the new punkrock scene have changed the sense of fightin' for your life,
From a movement of revolution to a music for money and repressed pacifists.
The spirit of 1978 is on the air again!
The real punk spirit will never die, i'm READY TO FIGHT again!!
The rage which populated the streets of London
Was driven by rebellion feelings, the reject kids sick of it all,
Were ready to fight from the underworld.
What the resignation of the kids of today will get? Nothing!
A lot of people think we are fools, will they stop us? No! No!
I'm ready to fight again!
Spirit of 1978!