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Scritto da Pierkna   
Venerdì 11 Novembre 2011 12:55
01 - Ashes Of '67
I've searched for my answers in the older books,
Forgettin' cruelty of the biggest fires,
With no mercy even for the memories,
Terrified by black & white growin' in my heart.
I can't sleep for a thousand nights
I can't feel when darkness was daylight.
Every day I watch my self swimmin' into dust,
Of vultures fightin' for a piece of carcass.
I watch my world die on itself,
When I was dreaming.

02 - Night Seventeen
I light the sun to separate my shadow,
From the liars light of dusk,
I'm here from seventeen days and nothing going'on.
When I started to believe to cure my wrong sides,
I'm here from seventeen days and pills pull me off,
You may watch out your window and cry for the fallen ones,
Every hell that I've walked never semeed so fuckin' cold
Now I know every step will be erased by time
Now I know my hearth isn't ticking backward.

03 - Bridge To Nowhere
I still walk on an empty field, where trees are dreams,
Where to be is to vanish, and nothing happens for free,
I Still hold my regrets, but only in my mind
'cause I'm always alone walkin' this desert in the night
Growing with no white flags, I've got no chance
to rebuild my home.

04 - Desert Anchor
Lost in damnation of weakness lazy movements draws
tight architectures like ant's highway lines
The blackest ship devoured by the storm
We'll sail so far away, invisible from here
I never see a giant feeding the smallest of us
I never see truth hangin' out my door.