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Blatoidea - Alive Ep Stampa
Scritto da Pierkna   
Martedì 15 Novembre 2011 17:21
01 - Alive
I didn't go blind
when you said you were trying to open my eyes
your words of liberty and freedom
now turned into fucking lies
we are going faster
as you still rotting slow
we still burn as we never burnt before

Im alive

you put us down ounce you will not do it twice
you still stuck in your monotony
while we are still rolling the dices
theres no place for us not even open doors
don't wanna be oppressed
just stand up for what we fight for

02 - Graves Nation
Waving flags on a silent way is what they get
resounding voices who told to fight who wanted theyr death
but they don't even know who the fuck the enemy is
someone killed theyr son as they were parying on theyr knees

the troops are coming back
the troops are coming back home

honour for the soldiers honour for the brave
but no parades for unreleaving graves
monuments to show for memory
as someones still dying as someones still screams

03 - Dehumanized
Face to face with the alienation
is just a static game called dehumanization
you wake up every morning with less and less hope
so you realize you are holding with torn ropes

I can feel the tasteless flavour thru my mouth
like a machine that don't know what the pain is about
automathic machine with automathic dreams
no ambitions or spoken words is what it brings

na na I feel so dehumanized

I can feel my own chaos and confusion
victim of having no directions
give to the test animal another dose
now the end feel so close

no ambition or dreams is what it brings
I paid as long as death will be painless for me
so give me another dose
give me another dose
give to the test animal another dose
give me another dose
give me another dose
now the end feels so close

04 - Worldwide Drama
Another tragedy shows up
to the eyes of the world
everybody staring
at the symbols made of gold
everybody sees them falling down
the smell of death
is all around

we are all living in a worldwide drama

the past came back
since you trown the seeds
thru the countries
the alarm still rings
ten minutes of silence
ten years of war
they had it ounce
now they want more