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Rushdown - Human Structures Stampa
Scritto da Pierkna   
Martedì 15 Novembre 2011 17:36
01 - Point Of View
Fingers deep into my eyes,
man drinks blood and laugh all the time,
nobody does anything else,
sews scars opened by themselves.
Fingers deep into my eyes,
many reasons to born and die,
compromises release the way,
burn the flag and let them pray.
Wars and peace are everywhere,
honored society too,
politicians everywhere,
fucking police is everywhere.
Because me and because you,
riot, revenge, we hate this fucking system!

02 - 7 Years Old Bread
Have you ever eaten 7 years old bread?
Have you ever eaten jobs and headache?
Have you a nice skin, have you a nice hands?
Your empire hits my pain,
giving orders and giving laws!
We don't needs compromises,
join the mosh and start to fight!
Not for sale, here we are!
Just for say, here we are!
Not for me, just for you!
We will start to fight to hurt all of yours!

03 - Human Structures
Placing venoms all around the earth,
devasting all the things we do.
They are playing a dirty game with us,
don't forget this is the basic rule!
Devastating all the plans we made,
and in religion makes their fucking choice!
Devastating all the plans we made,
don't forget this is the basic rule!
They are playing a dirty game with us,
where they're the only winners and the people lose!

> 04 - Second Floor
I'm watching you fall,
falling from second floor!
Waste your time, waste your time!
Falling from second floor, waste your time!
Living without ambitions, no dreams and no questions,
nothing, engaged by power!
Living without ambitions, you're going to fail!
Watch your steps!
Are you ready for your new life?
Are you ready?
for your new life?

05 - Label Society
Black labels on our faces,
shocking truth invades our life,
noone talks about whats going on!
What happened? Close your eyes!
What happened? Close your eyes!
Human beings became a phantom, suffocate it!
The finger is on the trigger!
We will rise up from lies!