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The Smashrooms - Questions Stampa
Scritto da Pierkna   
Mercoledì 16 Novembre 2011 14:47
01 - Dog Eat Dog
Greedy hands, clenched to strangle me,
clenched to strangle you,
clenched to strangle everything they can take over
life or death, no one listens
to the scream of these desperate days
war and peace, ain't no different
tools both of a dog eat dog race
and those hands are bloody red
this is called progress
this is what we have
and now
all those faces are fading away
into the night
when we eat each other, like a desperate fight
to live, to prevail
as we were born enemies and not friends
like brothers with no blood to share
and sometimes someone tries to reach a hand
a small sign in this world of hate
i believe, tomorrow can be different
if we don't start right now
tomorrow will be to late
subvert this world!
and i know alone i can make the difference
it's all wrong but we can change
tomorrow will be to late
tomorrow will be to late
tomorrow will be to late
i said, i know
tomorrow will be to late

02 - Answers
So tell me something special i don't know
prepacked opinions always come and go
you swallow shit and pretend to criticize
a brain of wood can't be called open mind
and i won't tell you that i'm right
i hold no truth but at least i try
to find the answers in my life with no regret
to find the answers in myself
and the alternative to a puppet shouldn't be
another puppet with the same stupidity
you will never see me standing by your side
we're not the same, we are just like day and night
i live my life – keep questioning myself
you live a lie
you will never see me standing by your side
we're not the same, we are just like day and night
i live my life – keep questioning myself
you live a lie – a picture in your mind
another breath leaving my lungs
another shout exploding off my chest
what i feel is the need to express
and the taking of position
is a process to create
in a world of no opinion, it's a way to compensate
with our differences differences differences
but it's all useless if you don't question yourself
don't want to have nothing to say
awareness is to create
if you've got nothing to say
you mean nothing, nothing, nothing!

03 - Sidewalks
The place i live
the place i die
it's a monster that devores my soul at night
the place i love
the place i hate
this place will make me pay for my own mistakes
like a room built with no window to breathe
like a tall wall that sorrounds me completely
it's me in the lioness' den
in the lanes needles and fogotten lives
in the squares cabriolets and a glass in a hand
double face of a reality i can't comprehend
i can't comprehend
i cannot see - a good opportunity
i cannot breathe – in this concrete jail of buildings
i still can see the boy i used to be
don't make of me the waste of a dreamless kid
while i walk i stare at the sidewalks
of this town i have to live in
don't know where my steps will lead me

04 - Of Sins And Chains
There's no salvation in accepting a written fate
don't wait
for a judgement, that's a chain hidden by faith
don't pray
you think i should repent before it is too late
stay away
submission's not the life i want
submission's not the life i want
in the deafening silence of god
i just believe in myself
don't give blind trust to a book
this life can be both heaven and hell
don't need no sign
to know i'm alive
you believe in something they gave you
in the shapes it's been forged by their rules
have you ever wondered what's in your prayers?
have you noticed – the words that you say?
do you really think you need such a dogma?
don't you think you already have enough chains?
has it brought you to liberation
or has it made you another kind of slave?
of the consciences through golden lies
makes you feel you're born with a sin
that you've never - committed in your life
i'm alive – don't want to be blind
i'm alive – don't need any guide to know i'm right
i'm alive – i can be the author of my life
i'm alive – i'll never bow down under your sign

...subvert this world, subvert yourself...
Sometimes we set our sight onto distant targets. Sometimes we forget about closer things.
As animals with the instinct of revolution, we should try to focus on ourselves first, on our
hearts and minds before assaulting the sky in the strong desire of a better world. Heart
and mind are targets to subvert first and then tools for a larger revolution. No revolution,
even the smallest, can take place without a deep awareness of ourselves. Walking every
path in our minds, discovering every corner in our hearts, with a critic eye and a baggage
with no truth inside. This is how we can understand the most complicated unknown thing
we sometimes, maybe often, forget to set as target of our passions and will to change: our
deepest mind.
In the constant hope to cross each other's path, some day.
Gab, Cello, Cesko – The Smashrooms, 2010