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Crop Circles & Light Up! - Split Stampa
Scritto da Pierkna   
Giovedì 17 Novembre 2011 13:53
Crop Circles - 01 - Like Abandoned Ships
An hourglass upside down
marks the beginning of a new countdown
sand stifles any incentive
slowly and steadly
the same sand of those depths
where you threw the anchor of resignation
where docking has forsaken every initiative
deciding to wreck your life
in this sad and painful atmosphere
invoking desperation, showing the cruelty of a world
where people drift like abandoned ships

Crop Circles - 02 - Double Face
Things that you keep saying, just shitloads of trash
sold like a fake smile and hollow sentences
fear of ruining every relationship
hypocrisy in your eyes and mouth
character lacking in your behavior
they drag you, living a miserable life
ready to betray a friend and sell you like a slut
just to hide yourself and never face your enemies
disgusting as rotten food
boring as something counterfeit
destined to remain
another faded copy

Crop Circles - 03 - Soul Cops
Keep hiding weacknesses
behind hypocritical smiles
justify your failures
under a mask called devotion
victim of your own words
executioner of your own action
tears and blood in your prayers
protected and chained to a cross
they told you what is right and wrong
and in his shadow you become blind
in front of all the bullshit that surround you

Light Up! - 04 - Wound
I can feel my nerves
my the tendons,
the white of bones, at the end of my arm
where once my hand was.
I know cut limbs will never grow
but I'm trying to deal with it
cuz life goes on
and a cripple wrist is not the worst
thing around
I know time heals any wound
but all I can see, is still a stump.

Light Up! - 05 - Modern Fair Play
I've had enough.
Yes, I've been pushed too far.
And now I'm coming back.
I'll refuse with no remorse,
I'm screwing the world that screwed me before,
I found out questions were wrong.
What I lack in self esteem,
I made up with the absence of fear.
And now that is all so clear
I can prove you're WRONG

Light Up! - 06 - R.E.P.O.
oh shit
it feels like being war
all the time
through these streets
in my mind
no comrades,
no fuckin brother in arms
please stop guarding my back
it will be one problem less
under the look of an eye, in a siege
i wont'be the one who pulls the trigger
I'll turn my back and close the door
can't you hear me laugh?
eat my shit

Light Up! - 07 - Get The Fiya
dear friend, I'm sorry, I'm dead
trying everything to stay afloat
but with my regret, now I'm dead.
I let everything slip away
and I didn't care
I'm fuckin dead

don't worry
everything is gonna be alright