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Haulin Ass - Towards Wich Future Stampa
Scritto da Pierkna   
Lunedì 12 Dicembre 2011 13:31
Trascrizione di Vala

01 - Knots To The Comb
This is not another turning point, just another knot coming
to the comb of a life coming straight from a fatherspirit headed nowhere, unclear
his roots and his tradition they can no longer go down, doubt, has this life just
been misled? Prisoner in love with the ties that bond him, so close to the pain and
suffering a rose with bleeding thorns... What I can say is coherence's leading to
nothing, on the highway of the brave I dream to steer on the opposite lane I dream,
I dream to become my own big bang! Sorry to my voice I wouldn't beat on you this
way but it's the last one I see making road... and on again, heart to throat it goes.
And all that's coming out is just na, na na naa na... not again!
Try to keep it real!

02 - Get Me Sick
Wanna really know something about me? Let me tell something
about me. Anyone can tell I've always had my reasons to go on, but there's some
people standing in the back, standing in the back, talking like I'm no good! Dear
good people you only have to shut up I'm not your show no dancing for you. Guess
I'd have to kneel... but I'm not going to! Sorry, I'm not going to, I think I'll suffer
a little more for suffering is the key! Breaking chains to reason, if I am you don't
try to say a thing to condemn me... Out of my head I'm the master I'm the slave
and out of my head you cannot try me cause and effect keep never on the side and
suffer for your cause.

03 - Presents From The Past
Let's take a blast from the past! Let's incriminate
yesterday! Did it ever occur to you big men were made of meet and blood?
The things we didn't do yet will be pieces of a timeline. To get this right knowlegde
is power, protected from the past and raped by pixels, life turns in forgotten
seasons marked by spine tap showers! As I dream of a keg of beer I'm not conscious
anymore, feeling only ,now, and ,here, like nothing's ever been before! When man
no longer learns from his past... When past no longer leaves us presents.

04 - Burning The Core
Here we are once again to take our machine on a stage and
turn the engine on... Let's see what comes out... We're here for the fun, burning
the core to stretch a line between our hearts tongues hands, stickin' right inside
your ears. Shine! Doesn't anyone want to? You'll learn no secrets here, let us give
one hint, put your faith in human being! 'Till it burns then we know we're alive...
Burn with us! We're told to just be ourselves, no further instructions 'n all's ok
'till we meet our critic next one and freedom seems to fade, all freedoms seem
to fade away. Never thought that being ourselves is a little bit harder than being
,Someone,? Never thought that taking the challenge could be more realising than
giving up? You'll never know, you won't get far unless you try just give you one
chance to get by... Take a shot of life, you may try... Take a shot of life before
you die.

05 - Lei Regina
Lei Regina, mia corona, lei mi consola finche' saro' Re, sepolto vivo
dentro un suono, qui non e' mai sterile...
Rinascero' all'interno della forma metrica e non mi chiedo piu perche', allontanatevi
da me. Al momento facciamo baldoria, poi le mosche si posano lievi sulle situazioni,
sugli episodi, sulla polvere, negli occhi e nelle viscere, in fondo a quei silenzi di
solitudine e lavoro che non si possono dire. Cancellero' il mio nome poi saro'
la musica, e non mi chiedo piu perche' ...allontanatevi da me.
Prendi calma frena il battito.. per cosa l'ho fatto e lo faro'? Una scelta, continuare
o no? Questa e' la mia casa... o forse no. Cola il veleno, ombre nello scarico, tutto
e' buio, riesco a stupirmi ancora per esserci... in fondo al silenzio c'e' qualcosa da
Questo e' il momento fatidico (stringo il microfono in mano)... non c'e' nessuno tra
il pubblico, non c'e' nessuno sul palco... Questa e' la forma del grido che dedico solo
a me stesso: non c'e' nessuno qui dentro, solo uno specchio incrinato.

06 - Pretty Conspiracy
He tried to be a person like his neighbours, like his mom and
dad, like everyone you see from your bed... on TV he saw people talking about him
,A conspiracy, he thought. (I didn't really care). It's hard to breathe when you can't
sit ,Run Run Run, (Didn't hear...) ,They made me run, He said, in a letter to me,
and last night on the street we were drinking beer ,They made me run, He asked
,if the way was worth,... Last night this man burned down his life, like any jackass
can do suicide... ,Cause I'm afraid of death I wanna die!,
He was afraid they would have killed him so he thought to beat 'em on time!
,I'm a backwoods shit-ass no good for this life, so why should I try to be nice at
your eyes?, You're unlucky my friend, you lose without game, what else can we
do? (Hooking thumbs in our belt...)
You got your brains in your dick if you think we're just gonna fade away from
here, now you're a memory in our hands, like the rattlesnakes ,was a good guy,,
and just never come up... Dead!

07 - Rock N Roll Nightmare
It's been tree years that I've been thinking about it and
I won't back now, I've got no goat no star no candles, just the will to see you 'cause
I heard a lot about you, they say you're always answering to people' calls!
As tall as me, as thin as me, as sick as you mirrored me. So here you are, come
closer please so close you can hear the beat of this heart that maybe you could help
grasp some breath!
But first you gotta make my eyes and heart burn like hell, you give me that state
of perfection and I'll let you fuck my soul motherfucker... I wanna be like you...
Who's done the best deal? Me? Who's done the best deal? You? Who's done the best
deal? Me with your touch of Evil or you with my painful soul?
A hate song for the worst motherfucker that dwells in everyone of us...
Hoping sincerely he will come out and kick some ass leaving some mess on his path,
ready to call him again in need! But just in need...

08 - Born Freak
Right is here and left is there, I'm seein' enemies everywhere,
ugly faces, eyes on me though I'm not the guy to go on TV but it's not my face,
quite human, nor my voice to understand... Entering a New Style: Dizzy Creepy
Hunchback! My right is here, your right is there, close your eyes and stop to stare,
listen carefully now, I'm gonna defy you! Bet you never think about everything
you are, or have... bet you never think about which you like most.
Talking to you, talking to you! Show me being's not having every single thing you
want. Talking to you, talking to you! I'm like a freak 'cos my life isn't like you
want! If I want, if I want, I could be a man... If you want, If you want... What is
that you want?
With money you could have a man, though you have money understand that when
you look at yourself, only know you don't want yourself.
It isn't money that you want, though you have money there's more you want,
And when you look at you... only know you don't want yourself...

09 - Liar
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to meet one real contemporary
ghost. I am the most silent lie you've ever heard, if you believe me, then you
betray me. Think of lies as man creates them, think of man as God creates him...
Man is just a lie of God, turning on and on and on!
Smile at your dissent, my satisfaction's in creating things that don't exist, with
words I play and so you do!
Fear of lies, fear of ghosts and fear of man, when he becomes something he fears...
a lie could set him free... Lie today 'cos now and here is all you got, think of me
accept me, think of me accept that I am part of you... Liar, you're a liar: do you
really feel so bad?

10 - Sleeping Mostro
Ecco, di nuovo al buio, occhi aperti che vedono nero e la
ragione ha sonno... Mentre dormo fuggi luce dai mille buchi del mio passato, sogno
quello che saro' quando saro' vuoto... Trenta secondi ancora e nessuno mi vedra'
piu'... Tutto piu' difficile tranne distruggere, ecco quindi perdero' il mio equilibrio
dalla parte di chi si metta contro di me, rompero' tutto, ME per primo... Questo
per calmare la mia sete di emozioni che diventa mostro se dorme troppo a lungo.

11 - Vampire Manifesto
Goodbye my earth you've got no future, it's a wicked game
as far as I'm concerned. It's easy to press charges, it doesn't make no difference...
today is the day you'll die (with boundless pride). We're gonna mine your skin and
cut down your hair, we can do it fine... with uniforms and priests, with money,
politics we can do it fine! 'Cos there is the time to gain, this is the time to divide,
this is the time to waiste the blood we sucked out from someone... Screaming!
Screaming for the glory of one hundred current wars, hundred silent televisions...
Waiting for the holy ghost to fly on us and say it's all ok, our sweet illusion...
Just like vampires!

12 - Human After All
Endless perfect turns, human after all... Finally man needs
just to think about eating and sleeping. Now for pain there's no place at all...
Human, after all... How could it be wrong? Got my place in heaven, heaven for me
is always been. And no snakes no trees no fruits like sins, but the right to be wrong
is the one I miss... But if this all is true, if I do exist in some real way, I'm asking
myself where this life so clean will take me! Human, after all... God's my lamb chop
extra rare, he dies and I eat him every day. I'm the perfect man.
Human, after all.