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Blood Or Whiskey - Cashed Out On Culture Stampa
Scritto da Pierkna   
Mercoledì 21 Dicembre 2011 11:53
01 - No Answers
There's no answers
for the chemical dancers
their checking on the race now
on their hi-fi stereos
their checking on the race now
causing us to wary of
we don't see their grey point of view now
turning us into dilapidated fools, how?
trouble at noon
we don't feel now
their working hard in Camden
their burnin up Capetown
their forcing it in trenchtown
we're moving into range now
call up the people
smash up the steeple
smiles like treacle
burn up the picture
tearing up the poster
we con't follow no set of rules now
forcing us to march for the truth
we're forcing them to listen
causing an infection
seething with reflection
we're selling out our culture
we really think so

02 - Doors Of Hope
Live and let live
That' what they say
you're just living form yesterday
prized out wiped out
they don't see
just like they didi with Adam and Eve
Ah... Knocking on the doors of hope
ah... Everythings gone up in smoke
Taking apart is a central thing
that's what's expected of you
still don't believe me?
that's your choice
but don't turn away
form my disappointed voice
so you need something to believe in
but sun shines in a better day
so you need something to believe in
but they will just take it away
despondency is a stale disease but watch him he's on his knees
do you want to hear his guns to shout
with it's glorious chorus of a rat-atat-tat

03 - Stuck Together
Oh here they are those fuckin tears
bottling all your solid fears
frowning on those wasted years
we're stuck together
laughter is a forgotten thing
trappings of our shaded sham
poison thoughts don't give a damn
we're stuck together
hey hey what's it like
living trough a sordid life?
hey hey what's it like
finding out you've lost sight?
walking through the freeman's breeeze
courting all the fucking sleaze
empty feelings of what si lost
we're stuck together
moving back on empty ground
claiming back a broken crown
what is lost can be found
we're stuck together

04 - Poxy Pub
I don't know what to make or do
pubs around here are for the mirror crew
got to get something else to find
pubs these days are a waste of time
i don't care what town you're in
differen seats same old thing
colour coated plastic grin
i've no choice i'm going in
it's a Poxy pub in my neighbourhood
drink is flowing anger growing
don't watch out you will miss last shout
can't get in can't get out
what the fuck is all about?
tell me what gives them the right?
polished shoes designer shites
i don't see their point of view
i don't fit in, don't want to
why don't we leave this town?

05 - Requiem For A King

06 - Glory O'
Glory Glory O'
Too the brave men who have died
fighting fight o'
for the cause that they have tried
freedom is a word for the strong
liberty is a word for the wronged
Glory Glory O'
till death do us part
fighting fight o'
killed before the start
oh my god have they done to you?
sold out can't you see?
for the love of one's debauchery
Glory Glory O'
they nailed you to the mast
fighting fight o'
treading through the past
fact of life fact of living trough
all that's lost all that's cost
calling out calling for the truth
alla the lies that they told
all the heroes that will fold
as they die on the sand
in another mans land
for the will of one man
so he can force his father hand
for the power and the greed
all the blood they will concede
as your mother will weep
how the hell can they sleep?
as your moved as their pawn
as human chess in a texas dawn
as the flags they will fly
through the united states sky
that those troops will never see

07 - Jar'd For Life
It makes me wanna go
where it is i don't know
it fuels my fuccking hate
so i may congratulate
im packing it up
everyday the same
with my deadly drinking game
it's running through my veins
causing me to pass the blame
packing it up
jar'ed for life - scarred for life
i'm walking in a line
just to hold back the time
but it makes me kind of sick
it makes me fucking act the prick

08 - impaired Vision
Impaired vision is what i'm going to see
a drunken thought blanks out the mediocrity
a city siren wails on by
doesn't catch my blurry eyes
2 steps forward 10 steps back
doesn't mean i'm looking back
going on and on
all night long
left behind by the normality stream
it doesn't mean i'm running out of the stream
looking awkward looking shook
doesn't mean i'm out of luck
grab it out and shout about
goign to show what i'm about
Impaired vision is what i'm going to see
Impaired vision blanks out the misery
drunken thought don't be straight
doesn't mena i'm going to be late
fight it out and shout about
this is what i'm going to shout

09 - Ruler Ruler
Break it down come on hear the noise
come on down we're the blood or whiskey boys
do you think we are part of it?
this stale irish bullshit
oh didn't know what to say
but you said anyway
oh didn't know what to do
fuck you
Ruler ruler ruler Tonight
Break it down it's still a fake applause
32 still my top drawer
feeling inept feeling of tragedy
turning the screws on ones history

10 - A Holy Trinity
So you woke up
one fine day
to see what you could find
a callou light that shone so bright
we don't know what to do
so in the morning of your life threat
you've lost out on every bet
from the moment to the minute
to the holy trinity
we don't know what to do
the cause of it's a patient thing
it affects us one and all
the force of it can change the seas
what d'ya got
face off face off

11 - Shattered Dreams
Kids on the pavement stretched across your path
lying in the street there's no going back
their boken homes their shattered dreams
blad blind denialthat's how it seems
Dublin city that's what we see
divide the have and the have nots
more every day
kids in the doorways cardboard shallow graves
walk past thhem briskly they just can't be saved
they could be yours so mind them well
tomorrow you might find your kids there as well
there's echoes of silhouettes round this strip
girls out street walking this dark seedy kip
painted on faces powder in through the vein
a small piece of street life that's always the same

12 - The Black Cross Of Crumlin

13 - Deadwood And The Cash Deceiver
This one goes out to the unbelievers
deadwoods and the cash deceiver
not a hope or hell on these city streets
'cause everyones down on the same old beat
i saw you saw we said it best
but we're still in the same old mess
hold your cards and hold them tight
'cause rock and roll's our battle cry
i'm going down doing the same
this one's is for the unbeliever
an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth
it's about time they heard the truth
chucking in days chucking in nights
we still didn't give up the impartial fight
rocking in life rocking in death
still going to give this a last gasp breath
hanging around in your music scene
the city of thousand bands with nnothing to say
oh my god it's happened again
too manny friends too many dead
we gave our chance and took it well
don't expect you to cast your spell
too much spoken conspiracy
all you want is to be history
hold the line annd hold it good
don't see why we fucking should

14 -They Say No
Welcome to fucking year zero
A backward step taking every day
A confessional truth tiresome disposition
from the whitewash house can convey
tanks bombs guns and ammunition
is the call of the order of today
bulldoze those peoples mere identity
doesn't matter much either way
they say no!
they say no again congress will stand in adulation
leaving their playground of filth in disarray
while countries torn by ambition
is this what the new world order can convey