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To The Embers - Endless, Obstinate Stampa
Scritto da Ppilvia   
Giovedì 12 Gennaio 2012 16:25
01 - Portraits
All comes out, do you really think that will not hurt this goodbye? I'm going against me my own will
And all the things that I could have said, that you could have done
Now I've lost my way
I'm looking to our past, I'm looking to our best days, I hold everything inside
I let it go, no fear my mind could concentrate on what it used to mean to me
And you, I know you need the same
And I, I've nothing left to say to take it back
But now is gettin' dark
I feel it in the torture of the last farewell, no light, no direction
my way is gettin' dark

02 - The Walk
I keep running, lights pass me by
Dust and shadows what I left behind
It's an endless, obstinate breath and I won't let my hopes just fall apart
And I've seen lonely people, glance on the street, drained eyes so I ask myself if I'm doing the same
It's the only run that no one will run but me
It's my own run, and no other long run can be
Now legs are moving fast, as tears down my eyes
I don't care about how long this walk will last
Scared by this angry clouds but the fear to die in that prison is stronger than every fuckin' thing
Stronger than pain, failures, loneliness, no love
this is my own run, there's no other long run

03 - Pieces
Here we are, we threw our heart away
Who thought it would end in this way? Glances that sleep don’t admitting they’re wrong, rarefied air, you could try to pretend but it’s not the same
Well, it’s not the same
I’m picking up the pieces of what we had, for what it's worth to me, but even scratching the floor I find only dust
Faded pictures remind me of those days, when we used to say that nothing would ever change
Past reopens wounds, hope to find eternity
Past reopens wounds, and after all I still believe

04 - My Heart Will Shine
I’m walking through the past, and now I just can say it is hard to find a getaway
A mistake erased every smile, and every lie is stabbing my inside
By now, I’m afraid
By now, I can’t feel the same
Knowing that tomorrow, when outside will rain, my heart will shine again, forever

05 - Crowns
Hands stained with blood that don't burn, don't scare, don't give it up
I wonder, how could you call it life? Hearts in a cage, deprived of dignity, aware the time is running out
I wonder, how could you call it life? how you can get this right? I'm the voice of those who can't speak, I'll see in your eyes the fear for the revolt
how could you be so fucking blind? embrace we are what we build, we are what we kill
and I'm fuckin' sure, I won't take part to this crime
cause all you see is above human being, so it won't be me to judge death or life
throw your crown, and think
Stop this slaughter, I'm sick of this shit

06 - Heroon
It will make you feel special at the beginning, and you'll seem to be the one
But it's like a big game, you can make a move for few boxes but things will stay the same
The fear of being able to change things, and the water imprisoned in its mouth, as her,we will stay close in ourselves
I want a butterfly effect, I want to see how becomes this hurricane
It will make feel special to you, you'll seem to be the one I want to change this but I don't want to be the only one
I won't be the one

07 - The Wolf's Hour
I've been staring at this white paper all my life long, fuckin' tired of giving vague answers to clear question, while the days go by
I'm just a running man in search of his own dimension
a running man in search of peace in a place in the head
a running man trying to take out his hate
I'm just a running man, who will never, ever fuckin rest, who will never fuckin'rest
The wolf's hour
I'm told that everything takes shape, everything become so clear
In the meanwhile I'm surrounded by ghosts sailing in my mind, who don't let me see who the fuck am I

08 - Face The Truth
It's too much time you think how to get better your statement, instead of caring about the things that make the life a life worth living, you slave of a fake plastic society, you carry on with just one hope
the hope that all of this won't suck you in, closing your eyes, kneeling down the empty values that this life offers you
where's the respect for yourself? where is your love? now face the truth
in this feast of lost souls, these lights have blinded you remind of the values, the real values
Too much time to think which is the best choice,maybe cause a best choice there's not
I'm not like the others want me to be, I want to open these eyes, spread my eyes
And not be content with what this life offers me, I will chase my reality, I'll meet again my love
there's no end for who believes
The time to face yourself is getting closer
your only saviour will be waiting for who has bought you

09 - Untitled
Times are gone
the good times when they close your eyes not to see have gone away
The times when we lived without thinking to which dirty world would welcome us some year later
I'm growing up and I can't turn behind as nothing would happen anymore
just trying to live in a world that I don't feel mine, infected by contraddictions, hypocrisy and untruth
I won't surrender, I won't switch down the light of mind and let me go cause I have no choice
I keep slipping up, the same small talks, the same old goals, breathing recylced air
I don't want your comprehension, it's fake like the words that fill your mouth
is this not what you're expecting from me? well, to me you can still expect
do what you want but this world will never have me as long as I'm alive