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Cripple Bastards - Life's Bull On Thoughts Stampa
Scritto da Joel   
Lunedì 11 Agosto 2008 01:06
01 - S.L.U.T.S.
Nessun Testo

02 - Living Monuments
Suppressed remonstrances, a sorrowful sunset,
the extinction of my sectarian infestation.
Empty squares, slivers of vitreous collisions
left on this afflicted ground.
Channelled fear controlled by mechanized steps,
the word "LAW" becomes a synonim of "DEATH".

03 - Radije Volim...
Cesto,na zalost,nama prekine cak i jednostavni i prirodni osecaj
kao sto je dusevni mir, i tako i mi smo umesani u ove vrste masovne histerije,
koja nas ne pusti vise u miru niti za trenutak; i nas vodi,
iz dana u dan, da sam sebe potcenjivamo, da upropastimo nase zivce,
da pretvorimo nase oblicje u jednu sablasnu masku, puna napetosti i bijesa.

04 - Offensive Death
... Bursts into my room.
Trapped in this bed/"Health reasons"
... 18 wasted years.
... My friends forgot me.
Life/Sad game that can't be won.


05 - 0:01
Another day passed in fear.

06 - Bonds Of Enmity
Suffered characters engraved in my nerves.
Don't ask me the reason ... Verify:
my conflict goes on, I assert my rights.
I ASSERT MY RIGHTS - Disconnection.
I ASSERT MY RIGHTS - Separation.
I ASSERT MY RIGHTS - Usurpation.

07 - Miniaturized Eden
Miniaturized eden: post-working gratification.
Unchained perversion imprisoned in a silent bedroom.
Miniaturized eden: the short triumph of our screwed working-classes.

08 - Prisons
Prisons: the cause of these hysterical masses.
Everyday we live personally obberies,disagreements,discussions.
Everyday we have to face common prejudices,
everyday we have to suffer wrongs....
We're imprisoned in factories, offices, schools...
wasting our time like animals in captivity.

09 - The Opinion Of Poor
Nessun Testo

10 - Stimmung
Who has decided this way?
I can't scream .. >>.. stuck-throat.
A natural image, - a stabbing pain in my sad soul.
Two separated warm hands, then a look behind a pane,
then a wet presence on my face,
then the silence of my narcotic world ...

Who has decided this way?
I can't sleep ... I'm so alone.
I visualize your face, - and I think that my life's gone.
Firstly I see your tearful eyes, then the barred doors of a train
I don't think about suicide - 'coz I know, we'll meet again.

Spiritual masochism:
In this world can't exist a god.
Spiritual masochism slit this throat.
It's a sort of self-excitement ...
A macabre repertory under my modest clothes.

I think about all these days
brushing against my old cicatrixes
I try to go back ... to conventionality.
But I think it's so unfair ... I can't give a fuck.
A bitter shit to swallow, living in costant hate.

11 - Imposed Mortification
The eternal wall,the populated solitude.
Imposed mortification - Imposed mortification.
Selected method to win my attitudes.

12 - Vital Dreams
Era l'ultima cosa che dovevi imparare.
Scansare il tuo sguardo dal mio, non incontrare piu' i miei occhi,
che sono capaci di guardare dietro ai tuoi.
Ora sei perfetta. Tutti sono contenti di te.
Ti stai realizzando. Peccato che non esista piu' alcun pensiero nella tua testa.
Consumare, eliminare, scopare-venire, dormire... e' la tua vita.
Forse anche i sogni hanno abbandonato la tua camera ...
Ti odio. Non provo una semplice antipatia nei tuoi confronti:
il mio e' odio brutale, omicida. E' acido solforico sputato sui tuoi occhi.
Ho paura di te. Penso che un giorno sarai tra di loro.
La mia vita dipendera' dai tuoi interessi.
Costretto ad accettare le tue decisioni volute dalla maggioranza.
Costretto a mangiare la tua merda per farti star meglio.
Costretto a passare notti insonni abbandonato dai miei sogni, credo che ti daro' la mia vita.
Meglio esser fatto di carne morta che di plastica.

13 - More Frustations
More frustrations - Cells... agape... without... drugs.
More frustrations - Eyes... bloodstained... without... tears.
More frustrations - Perversions... satisfied... without... sex.
More frustrations - More... frustrations... less... shit.
My frustrations... make me think.
My frustrations... teach me how to live.

14 - Falling Wish
Take Me Away

15 - My Serenity + Dealing With A Pressing Problem
I've a raving world at my back. My mind bursts into cold tears.
Another day ended in pain. This is a routine that will go on year after year.
When I am enveloped by darkness my eyes continue to see,
there's a wall in front of me, a wall that obstructs my plans.
When the silence absorbs my room, my mind is deep in thought.
My protest died,but my hate survived and it'll prevent me from falling asleep.
My serenity is about to die.
My serenity can't step aside.

A bled,faded woman dressed in black,
a barrier of cement - your cadaveric paper-smiles.
- We can't be on overtime.
- We can't be on overtime.
Baseless problems giving more and more discontent;
and you present your nationalist ideology as "a simple solution to the deep economic crisis".
I look
upon myself: "We can't unleash our words". Why?
I look upon myself: "We can't overstep the mark settled by our exasperation". Why?
In reality racism and nazism are nothing else but
violence, oppression and systemised prejudice.
- We can't be on overtime.
- We can't be on overtime.