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NoInfo - Out Of Setting Stampa
Scritto da Joel   
Lunedì 11 Agosto 2008 02:07
01 - Intro
Nessun Testo

02 - So Today
Curtain up! And you've given us your best interpretation
A standing ovation, it's your life and it is
So far from reality, this is your mistake
Everyone can see the truth, it's written on your face
So today you can't reply, but you've set yourself to do it
So today you've denied the facts
I'm so tired to find myself always behind your words
Your words or chats, your phantomine make me only more aware
You must stop hidding yourself with false ideals
So today like as usual you've denied the facts
Shut up!

03 - Buon Viso & Cattivo Gioco
Troppo facile aggirare il muro che hai davanti
E' troppo facile agire con i guanti
Tu devi affrontarmi, e' inutile scappare
Io sono ancora fermo qua, stanco di aspettare
Sei un perdente, lo sai ch'e' la verita'
Ma prima o poi dovrai guardare in faccia la realta'
Sparira' tutta la voglia che hai di giudicare, mentire a te stesso non potrai
Giocare barando e' tutto quello che sai fare
Un suggerimento te lo do, a cosa poterti aggrappare
Lascia stare, meglio evitare, non ho fiato da sprecare
Ma il fango che mi getti addosso stai pronto a doverlo spalare
Sei un coniglio, lo sai ch'e' la verita'
Ma prima o poi dovrai guardare in faccia la realta'
Sparira' tutta la voglia che hai di sentenziare, mentire a te stesso: no!
Buon viso & cattivo gioco: come uomo davvero vali poco!

04 - Ignorance And Tradition
In this night too you are alone,
you close your eyes and you speak to the wall that can't reply
In this night too you are alone,
you close your eyes and you speak to the wall that can't reply
In the silente you don't understand
your destiny's in your hand and you can't wait
You're driver by ignorance, you are driver by fear
You know you need a fuckin' leader who choices for you
Believe in yourself, take your choice for yourself
Nobody on Earth knows more than you
Today you pray, you start to pray!
When you start to pray you give up what have you got
The power to change your situation
There is something infinite that nobody can reach
Not religion not philosophy have never found it
When you start to pray you start to lose your fight
Against your enemies: ignorance and tradition
Today you pray for better days
Today you pray and you'll do it everyday

05 - Who Can Laugh Now
Summer's gone, your sins will find you out
All your lies, a way of life, now are for you meaningless
It will be always in my mind what have you done
And now you smile and you laugh at us
But only in this way I can be free, it's engraved inside of me
It has always made you dream, 'cause you can't dream, it has
always made you love
You can't bring me down
Your fuckin' leader words, did you forget? Who can laugh now?
You don't deserve my respect

06 - Insipid Revenge
I hope it will be the last scratch of my rage against your person
I understand you wil not fall 'cause you haven't a grain of riserve
Of dignity, of shame, you will never change, not in this life
Remember my words: shit is not gold, it's the same for you
I have suffered you too long, I can only scream: get lost!
I want to forget, I don't want to think about a final useless revenge
Now I can kick your face away and leave you on the ground
It doesn't please me, today's too late, you only have a sick mind
Egoism, egotism, duplicity of pride, this is your sickness
You've poisoned my life, my music, my dreams: this record's for you!
Just an insipid revenge
You've broken a perfect poise by now, you'll pay it in your fuckin' life

07 - Something
I can't really tella you what I really wanna do
I can see the truth of you passing on those eyes
I can see the pain in you refusin' your life
It's not important how you appear
What is important is all you'll ever be
Something in your eyes seems to tell me it's alright
But something in my head suggests me to hug you again
Now you're assailed by fear, you're just shading another tear
Open your eyes an stand up and screaming loud always fuck!

08 - My Language
Ehi you man, you are follwing a dream and you know you'll never reach it
Listen to us, do you know? We are just Italian guys we all know that
You can't talk of something that is not yours, make your own business, it's soon to judge
The story of my life is still to be built, be like us, we admit, heavy as a kick on your face
You will never speak my language, don't try to teach yours to me You can read in my eyes the truth of my words, my pride is alive to protect them all
And you know, it's not how it seems
You're just a slave of your frustration, open your eyes and try to understand
You have to respect other thinkin'
You're just like me 'bout your country, I don't care I don't give a fuck!
You can see alone who I am
You're just like me 'bout your country,
I don't care I don't give a fuck!

09 - We'Re Here
A day will come 'cause my revenge has to be done
I lost this battle but I can still win the war
A day will come and we will let the games begin
So I'll can carry on all my secret dreams
Inside my mind I know exactly what I'm waiting for
Another day, another chance, another way for redeem myself
Come and fight but just for right, not for violence or personal pride
If you keep on screaming maybe they will want stop you
But you'll be able to scream to them: fuck you!
Behind you shadows with masks come and try to kick your ass
We are here, stop complaining, violence here, go against it
No more words I have to add, you're enough wily to understand
Don't be a victim of your rage, but exploit it 'till the end